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Christmas Character Cards

This post is to credit Ang for her great work in putting together an awesome set of character cards to use along her Blessing Buddies idea this Christmas.

We have loved using these character discussion cards.They are great dinner conversation starters and a wonderful way to introduce virtues to the kids.


Her free printable here helps pull our family’s focus together, especially when we have been apart after a long and busy day.

The character qualities mentioned prompt us to talk about how we can practically display Christ’s love towards others especially in this busy month of Christmas.

Every night we are reminded that Christmas is really about making Christ manifest…not so much about getting gifts and giving presents, and all the hurry and flurry of party-making, but so much more on how we could each be Christ’s representatives on the earth through our characters.

These cards are such a great way to help your family think and discuss moral and spiritual matters with ease and simplicity. It is a means to help store moral values in your children’s warehouse which will make for a morally responsible individual in the future.

Thanks again Ang!


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